See you in 2023 Hospitalar, Sao Paulo

The 28th edition of the Hospitalar tradeshow will be held from May 23 to 26, 2023 at the São Paulo Expo. In this 2023 edition, it will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand at Hospitalar to update all the news we have on our products: A-26.

Exhibition introduction:

Hospitalar is an International Trade Fair for Hospital Equipment & Supplies in Sao Paulo. It offers the visitor an overview of the latest modern medical technology and devices. The fair is the leading trading venue in South America for new technology and thus provides a good opportunity for products and services to hospitals, clinics, and laboratories for sale.

With a focus on innovation and knowledge sharing, Hospitalar offers a platform for industry experts to showcase the latest developments in healthcare and medical technology, and for attendees to learn about the latest trends and best practices in the field. The event includes a wide range of exhibits, workshops, and conferences, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Main exhibited products:

ES-100V PRO LCD Touchscreen Electrosurgical System

ES-100V PRO LCD Touchscreen Electrosurgical System is a highly precise, safe, and reliable veterinary surgical equipment. It adopts a color touch screen operation panel, which is flexible and easy to operate, with 7 working modes. Additionally, the ES-100V Pro has a large blood vessel sealing function that can seal vessels up to 7mm in diameter.

New generation electrosurgical unit ES-300D for endoscopic surgery

The ES-300D is an innovative electrosurgical device that offers ten different output waveforms, including seven unipolar and three bipolar options. It also features an output memory function that allows for safe and effective application during surgical procedures using a variety of surgical electrodes. The ES-300D is an excellent choice for surgeons who require a reliable and versatile electrosurgical unit to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Multifunctional electrosurgical unit ES-200PK

This equipment can be utilized in various departments including general surgery, orthopedics, thoracic and abdominal surgery, urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, facial surgery, hand surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, anorectal and tumor departments. It is particularly advantageous for surgeries involving two doctors simultaneously operating on the same patient. Additionally, with the use of appropriate accessories, it can also be applied to endoscopic procedures like laparoscopy and cystoscopy.

ES-120LEEP Professional electrosurgical unit for Gynecology

This electrosurgical unit has 8 different working modes, which includes 4 types of unipolar resection mode, 2 types of unipolar electrocoagulation mode, and 2 types of bipolar output mode. These modes are versatile and can fulfill the requirements of various surgical procedures, offering great convenience. Moreover, the unit features an integrated contact quality monitoring system, which monitors the high-frequency leakage current and ensures the safety of the surgical process.

ES-100V electrosurgical generator for Veterinary Use

With its advanced safety features and ability to perform both monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures, the ES-100V is an ideal solution for veterinarians seeking precision, reliability, and safety in their surgical equipment.

New generation of smart touch screen smoke purification system

The SMOKE-VAC 3000 PLUS Smart Touchscreen Smoke evacuation System is an efficient and compact solution for eliminating operating room smoke. Its advanced ULPA filtration technology effectively removes 99.999% of smoke pollutants and helps prevent harm to the air quality in the operating room. Research indicates that surgical smoke can contain over 80 different chemicals and can be as mutagenic as smoking 27-30 cigarettes.

SMOKE-VAC 2000 smoke evacuator system

The Smoke-Vac 2000 medical smoke evacuation device features both manual and foot pedal switch activation options, and can operate at high flow rates with minimal noise. Its external filter is simple to replace and can be done quickly and easily.