New generation Large color touch screen Smoke evacuator

Surgical smoke is composed of 95% water or water vapor and 5% cell debris in the form of particles. However, it is these particles that are less than 5% that cause surgical smoke to cause serious harm to human health. The components contained in these particles mainly include: blood and tissue fragments, harmful chemical components, active viruses, active cells, inactive particles, and mutation-inducing substances.

SMOKE-VAC 3000 PLUS Smart Touch Screen Smoke evacuator is a compact, silent and efficient operating room smoke solution. The product uses a new generation of ULPA filtration technology to solve the problem of smoke hazards in the operating room by removing 99.999% of the smoke pollutants. According to relevant literature reports, The smoke condensate from burning 1 gram of tissue has been shown to be equivalent to that of up to 6 unfiltered cigarettes.

Quiet and efficient

Smart touch screen

Intelligent alarm function

99.999% filtered

3-port filter design

Core life up to 35 hours

Compact design, easy to install

Advanced ULPA filtration technology

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1Efficient purification
Effective smoke filtration system uses 4-level ULPA filtration technology to remove 99.999% of smoke pollutants from the surgical site

2Quiet operation
LCD smart touch screen, real-time display power setting, and convenient operation experience can reduce noise pollution during surgery

33 port filter design
Adapt to a variety of pipeline sizes, provide a variety of installation accessories; the smoker starts using electromagnetic induction to link with electrosurgical generator

4Intelligent monitoring of filter element status
The system can automatically monitor the service life of the filter element, detect the connection status of accessories and issue a code alarm. The filter life is up to 35 hours.

5Compact design, easy to install
It can be placed on a shelf and integrated with other equipment on the cart which used with electrosurgical generator.

◎Front filter: Non-woven fabric is used to filter larger impurities, colloids, and other particles.

◎High-efficiency ULPA filtration: ULPA is used, with an efficiency of 99.999%, and it can filter pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacterial microorganisms above 0.1 microns.

◎Renewable activated carbon: high-efficiency activated carbon can absorb all harmful gas molecules such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, xylene oxygen and so on.

◎Post filter: Multi-layer filter cotton is used to efficiently filter particulate matter in the smoke and inhibit the spread of microorganisms and viruses.

Product Specifications