Taktvoll ES-200PK Multifunctional electrosurgical generator

Beijing Taktvoll ES-200PK is a Multifunctional electrosurgical generator with a wide range of application departments and a very high cost performance. It uses a new generation of tissue density instant feedback technology, which can automatically adjust the output power according to the change in tissue density. The surgeon brings convenience and reduces surgical damage, and is particularly suitable for surgical applications such as general surgery, orthopedic surgery, gynecological surgery, ENT surgery, neurosurgery, skin plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery.

3 monopolar cutting modes: pure cut, blend 1, blend 2

3 monopolar coagulation modes: spray coagulation, forced coagulation, and soft coagulation

2 bipolar output modes: standard and fine

CQM contact quality monitoring system

Electrosurgical pens and foot switch control

Start with the recently used mode, power and other parameters

Volume adjustment function;

Cut and coagulate in an intermittent manner.

The monopolar mode of the surgical device includes monopolar cutting and monopolar coagulation modes; the bipolar mode includes standard and fine. The output power is adjustable.

Monopolar mode- Monopolar cutting

3 monopolar cutting modes includes pure cut, blend 1and blend 2. The output power is adjustable.

Pure cut: cut the tissue cleanly and accurately without coagulation

blend 1: Use when the cutting speed is slightly slow and a small amount of hemostasis is required.

blend 2: Compared with blend 1, it is used when the cutting speed is slightly slower and the better hemostatic effect is needed.

Monopolar modes- monopolar coagulation

Monopolar coagulation mode includes spray coagulation, forced coagulation and soft coagulation, and the output power is adjustable

spray coagulation: high-efficiency coagulation without contact surface. The coagulation depth is shallow. The tissue
                              is removed by evaporation. It usually use a Blade or ball electrode for coagulation.

forced coagulation: It’s non-contact coagulation. The output threshold voltage is lower than spray coagulation. It’s
                                suitable for coagulation in a small area.

soft coagulation: Mild coagulation penetrates deeply to prevent tissue carbonization and reduce electrode adhesion to tissue.

Bipolar mode

The bipolar mode includes standard mode and fine mode. The output power is adjustable.

Standard mode: It’s suitable for most bipolar applications. Keep the low voltage to prevent sparks.

Fine mode: It’s used for high precision and fine control of drying amount. Keep the low voltage to prevent sparks.

1Excellent cutting and coagulation effect
The device uses a new generation of intelligent tissue density immediate feedback technology. According to the different impedance of the tissue, the output is intelligently controlled to achieve the effect of minimally invasive tissue cutting, ensuring the output of ideal power, and reducing the thermal damage of the cut tissue.
It has 5 coagulation modes, which can quickly dehydrate tissues, and it has soft coagulation and deep tissue coagulation functions in both unipolar and bipolar modes, which can quickly and effectively stop bleeding.

2Wide range of clinical applications
General surgery, orthopedics, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurosurgery, stomatology, otolaryngology, plastic surgery, dermatology, anorectal and other departments.

3Excellent low voltage performance
It effectively reduces the sparks of the electrode, thereby reducing the negative damage to normal tissues, and also reduces the stimulation of nerves and muscles and the interference of radio frequency currents. It also reduces interference with monitors, camera systems, and ECG electrodes. Greatly improve the safety of high-frequency electric knife.

4High frequency and low frequency leakage current monitoring system
The high-frequency leakage current is lower than 150mA and the low-frequency leakage current is lower than 10uA. The effective output efficiency ratio of electrocautery is greater or equal to 95.

5To start with monopolar electrosurgical pen control or foot switch control, bipolar foot switch control
It can be selected according to the surgeon's personal habits.

6contact quality monitoring system (CQM)
Automatically monitor the quality of contact between the dispersive pad and the patient in real time. If the contact quality is lower than the set value, there will be a sound and light alarm and cut off the power output to ensure safety.

73 windows LCD digital display
Digital display of output power, with different acousto-optic display during output.

8Using CPU double closed loop to control power output
Once the power output deviates from the safe setting, the CPU control circuit will cut off the output of the electrosurgical generator to ensure safety.

9Simple to use
One-button operation for cutting and coagulation. Large digital screen display make the device intuitive and convenient.

10Functional self-test
After each turn-on, the high-frequency electrosurgical unit will immediately execute a self-test procedure. Once the internal abnormality of the system is found and the self-test fails, the current output will be automatically cut off immediately. This ensures that the ES-200PK generator is always in good working condition and performance. During the self-test, it is also tested whether the connected accessories are functioning normally.

*Electrosurgical generator belongs to surgical products, and its contraindications are related to the type of electrosurgery performed. The device itself has no absolute contraindications. Patients with implantable cardiac pacemakers or other metal implants should be careful to avoid high-frequency current paths flowing near the implant.

Product Specifications